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Frequently Asked Questions


Undergraduate 5-Year MAT

How can I find out if teaching is what I want to do? Our freshman and sophomore courses offer field-based experiences where you have the opportunity of observing the teacher-student interaction in the classroom.

Is “education” a major? No. Education is not a major or minor at the University. Our academic offerings instead include the opportunity to either earn a state of Texas teaching certificate or a 5th year Master of Arts in Teaching.

Can I complete this program with any major? To be certified, students must earn a minimum of 25 hours of coursework in the content field for which they are seeking certification. We offer many certification fields including math, science, social studies, English, Spanish and art. Typically students apply coursework taken in their major or minor toward these content course requirements.

How will I fit all the graduate level professional education courses into my undergraduate plan of study? Make an academic advising appointment with the department, so we can help you create a feasible plan of study to complete both your Bachelors and Masters degrees. Contact teach@rice.edu to schedule an advising appointment.

How do I apply for the five-year MAT program? Applications are online: educgradapps.rice.edu/

When do I apply for the program? Apply during the fall semester of your sophomore year. The deadline for applications is January 15 of your sophomore year. Students who have missed the sophomore year application deadline should contact the department to discuss additional options at teach@rice.edu

Will I be considered a graduate student and an undergraduate student at the same time? No. Your acceptance into the MAT program will be deferred until your Bachelor’s degree is conferred. At that time, you will officially become a graduate student.

Do I need to take any graduate admissions test? You do not need to take a graduate admissions exam, but you do need to submit proof of SAT or ACT scores.

How many required hours are there for this program? There are 36 graduate hours required for the five-year MAT.

What is the practicum? During the second semester of your senior year, you will begin student teaching in a public high school.

Is there any extra cost for this program? Most courses will be taken during the same semesters that you take your 120 hours of undergraduate course work and as part of that tuition. Any courses taken during summer school and the Seminar for First Year Teachers taken during the 5th year will have additional tuition and fees.

Can I use my undergraduate financial aid to pay for this? Some scholarships and financial aid packages allow students to take graduate credit and some do not.  Please direct financial aid questions to the Office of Financial Aid: 713-348-4958.

What professional tests would I have to take? Teacher candidates will need to take and pass a test in the content certification area as well as the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) test. The department provides a preparation and review session each spring for the PPR test.

What is the internship? The internship occurs during the fifth year of the program.  At this time, you will be a first-year teacher, teaching on a state of Texas probationary certification, in a local school district.  During this year, you will also be taking a course, Seminar for First-Year Teachers, which meets once a week at Rice.

How will I find a full-time teaching position in order to complete the internship required by the state of Texas? The Teacher Education program will provide guidance and support to you as you look for full-time employment. We often bring in human resources personnel from area school districts to meet with our students and to conduct interviews.

Can I use the graduate courses toward my undergraduate degree? No. The courses that apply to your MAT are above and beyond the courses you take to fulfill your bachelor’s degree.



What is the minimum GRE score? The minimum GRE score required is at or above the 70th percentile.

Where should I report my GRE scores? Rice Institutional code is 6609, department code 3602.

What is the GPA required? Rice University requires a 3.0 or higher GPA.

What is THEA? The THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) is a basic skills exam required for all students entering a state-approved Texas educator preparation  program or alternative certification required to demonstrate college-level skills in reading, oral and written communication, critical thinking, and mathematics.

Are there exemptions from taking the THEA? Yes.  Please contact the Teacher Education department for information on exemptions from the THEA.



When is deadline to apply for Fall admission? Spring admission?

  • Pre-service MAT: The deadline to apply for Fall/Summer admission to the pre-service MAT is January 15. The deadline to apply for Spring admission is October 15.
  • In-service MAT: The deadline to apply for Fall/Summer admission to the In-service MAT is January 15. The deadline to apply for Spring admission is October 15.
  • Undergraduate 5-Year MAT: Apply during the fall semester of your sophomore year by October 15 or by the spring semester of your sophomore year by March 15.
  • Teacher Certification: Rice undergraduate students applying to the Teacher Certification program must submit applications during the sophomore year. All materials must be submitted by March 15.

How do I submit my application? MAT applications must be submitted online at educgradapps.rice.edu/.

Rice undergraduate students applying to the Teacher Certification program may download an application from our website.

Where do I send my official transcripts?

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